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High Magick with:

Damien Echols at Joshua Tree Retreat Center

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 “The practice of ceremonial magick gradually allows us to reside for longer and longer periods of time in a state of non-dual awareness. In this state we are no longer identified with the ego, and our only experience is one of infinite consciousness. Our sense of “self” ceases to exist. Self becomes a suit of clothes we slip on in order to communicate with the world, but we no longer mistake it for who or what we truly are.

It is these practices and rituals which allowed me to leave behind the anger, resentment, and post traumatic stress disorder that came from 20 years of torture at the hands of the state.”

If you want to come practice with Damien Echols, the link is…/an-introduction-to-high-magick-with-da…/ 

What Is Magick?

This great article written by Damien Echols for Joshua Tree based Luna Arcana Magazine Explains it:

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