Beautiful, Intimate, Wellness and Magic Retreats and events at Energetically Powerful Locations.

If you are ready to show up fully for yourself, follow your authentic purpose and confidently access your power, then join us  for heart-led retreats and events of sacred ceremony, workshops, yoga, treatments, meditation, ritual and organic vegetarian & vegan food made with love.


In Anticipation of our next full retreat, We have partnered with JoshuaTreeVacationHome, and are offering a 2,5 h Magical Wellness event every Saturday at 3pm at the Retreat Property in Joshua Tree. Book HERE

See below for more detail. Joining us qualifies you for a 20% discount of accommodation if you are visiting Joshua Tree (subject to availability). People on our Mailing list get 20% off the experience.

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2,5h Magical Wellness Event

Saturdays at 3pm, Joshua Tree in partnership with @joshuatreevacationhome

1 h Relaxing Full Sound Bath is a part of this Event

1 h Relaxing Full Sound Bath is a part of this Event

Mini Aromatherapy Class, 1h Full Sound Bath, Guided Prosperity Meditation and Energy Circulation + Nourishment

Tonelise opens the event with a short 25-30 min. Aromatherapy class. We are using organic oils from Grateful Desert Joshua Tree to create your own relaxing massage oil, bespoke to YOU, setting the stage with Aroma.

Ryan offer an unforgettable 60min Sound Bath experience using Quartz Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong and other sonic healing tools, nourishing the nervous system. Results are introspection, awareness, processing emotions or simply relaxation of mind and body, readying you for a deep Guided Manifestation Meditation.

Meditation has great benefits, and is made easy with Tonelise's Guided Meditation. We’ll be using rhythmical Breathing and Visualisation to raise and circulate Energy, before you direct the energy build -up to what matters to YOU. In your mind, your teacher takes you on a journey designed to improve aspects of Life, such as manifesting Wholeness/Wellness or developing Focus and Clarity. When meditating, you tap in to a place of Happiness, Beauty and Peace.

We complete the 2,5h Experience, offering Vegan Refreshments, enriched with Desert Ingredients leaving you relaxed and re-charged

Optional Massage (single & couple) using self made oil, Reiki or Coaching session available. Ask and we'll send info before you arrive.

You can also book Your own Exclusive Experience if Saturdays are not working for you.

Interior and view from Helios House

Interior and view from Helios House

Beautiful and comfortable self-contained accommodation. Experience peace, comfort, wildlife, silence and unforgettable starlight.

Settle into unbelievable infinity views of the open desert and mountains, perfect for stargazing and relaxing from your outdoor areas or private patio.



Wholesome, handmade organic food served in beautiful surroundings

Wholesome, handmade organic food served in beautiful surroundings

Be prepared for your mouth to water in anticipation of meals

You’ll feel the skill and love poured into each bite. Organic, locally sourced, hand made, healthy vegetarian and vegan meals  are making up the Feast

Every dish includes a desert ingredient to connect the food with the land and the location. Our food is a delicious experience and an integral part of gathering in Ceremony

Testimonial from our latest One Day Event: Harvest Samhain Celebration and Feast in Garth’s Boulder Gardens 27th. October 2018

One of the most amazing evening I have had in the high desert. Omg I am still feeling so grateful to have been able to experience this and yes it was fabulous. The food was amazing all foods from the desert with spices and special wines and it’s really something that everyone should at some point do it was pure magic and wonderful! The purpose of harvest festival of abundance is to cleanse of all as stuff you’re holding onto that you no longer need and to release that issues every one has, then for the new abundant that will be coming to one’s life. Some of these rituals are from ancient Greek and mother earth as well Thank you Tonelise and Rohini!

— M Bonda, Yucca Valley

Testimonial from our latest retreat: Full Moon Wellness & Magic Retreat in Joshua Tree 24-26 August 2018

Deepest wells of gratitude for this welcoming land, for the graciousness of my fab hostess and for the alchemy of each brave & beautiful spirit who gathered for this retreat. Under the bright alien light of the full moon I faced my deepest fears and recognized my own growth of courage - literally & metaphorically - in order to begin transforming the ways in which i move myself, rippling, through this life. I finished the weekend with the fullest if exhausted heart."

— L. Edmunds - Montreal

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