Our guests tells us:

Thank you!

"I was thinking about your retreat, and wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude. Sometimes the right setting comes to us to help, and this was the case this week for myself. The moment I've entered the room there was a warmth and a space that I really needed. I don't think I have experienced anything like this moment in my life. You could immediately pick up on it and did stretch a helping hand to support me. The universe was really kind in sending me to you."

— Alice.

An amazing retreat.

“Thanks for an amazing time. It has left me with positivity and strength! It gave me a lot of courage and clarification on things been triggering me for a while. Now I am feeling so FREE. I am going to keep my energy like this now...I LOVE it!!.”

— Toni

A great weekend!

“I have learnt so much from this experience, and I am grateful for what I've managed to achieve. I am well prepped for the future and I'm looking forward to it! HUGE thank you to you. This weekend has been so valuable to me .... as it will be in the future!”



"I wish to thank you for your amazing, beautiful and professional retreat last week. So far, your insights, treatments and teachings have all been proven to be spot on and very helpful. I do sincerely appreciate it as it put my mind, body and spirit at rest. Additionally, there was warmth, care and genuine advice as well."

— Nuria

I had a great time!

Just wanted to say the weekend really helped me in so many ways, thanks! I'm sure I'll come back for more


"A message of gratitude for the wonderful Samhain celebration you hosted. Everything from the hypnotic sound bath to the abundant feast and all in between including the space and kindred souls, was exactly what was needed! A.... really enjoyed as well for his first circle and not knowing what to expect. So thank you once again for all you did to make it a special celebration and know all the little things were surely appreciated, I understand how much work was put into it."

Deanne D

"That was phenomenal. OMG thank you!"

Julia E

"One of the most amazing evening I have had in the high desert. Omg I am still feeling so grateful to have been able to experience this and yes it was fabulous. The food was amazing all foods from the desert with spices and special wines and it’s really something that everyone should at some point do it was pure magic and wonderful! Thank you!"

— Michael B

This is great, thank you so much!

The retreat was wonderful joy therapy for me.  All the food offerings served were SUPERB

I love you both and send huge thanks.

— Julia - Joshua Tree

I had a beautiful time

An amazing weekend, full of learning, adventure and connection. I anm honoured to meet such wonderful people and proficient, warm hosts. I am looking forward to start using the tools I took away from this weekend, and I cannot wait to learn more and go even deeper.

— Margit

"What a truly amazing evening you presented.I felt privileged to be a participant in a truly magical experience. Love my talisman too!"

Stephen S

Thank you so much for tonight. It was sooo much of what I needed and the ceremony spoke deep to my heart. You + Rohini brought such a gift to us tonight!"

Amanda S

"Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a unique and wonderful experience"

Karla A


"Deepest wells of gratitude for this welcoming land, for the graciousness of my fab hostess and for the alchemy of each brave & beautiful spirit who gathered for this retreat. Under the bright alien light of the full moon I faced my deepest fears and recognized my own growth of courage - literally & metaphorically - in order to begin transforming the ways in which i move myself, rippling, through this life. I finished the weekend with the fullest if exhausted heart."

— L. Edmunds - Montreal

Sounds great! Please put me on the mailing list, so I can be kept in the loop abut future events, and receive discounts, special offers and gifts. Because community matters.