Garth’s Boulder Gardens

We are grateful to host our Harvest Abundance Samhain Celebration and Feast in unique and stunningly beautiful surroundings at the Boulder Gardens.


The Boulder Gardens is both the home and community space for Garth - a world traveler with a lifetime of permaculture under his belt. Garth lives in harmony with nature, and has been curating this desert space for over 30 years. The Boulder Garden is a beautifully transformative place to retreat, renew, and reconnect with nature, learning how to live harmoniously with the natural cycles of Mother Earth. The 640 acre space is absolutely unique, and features a cement tipi, an outdoor kitchen and living space,s tables piled with crystals, meditation decks amongst the boulders, hermitages, a greenhouse, many ceremonial areas, a natural amphi theatre and homes and art studios inside some of the distinctive boulders. The land also has a year-round spring, ponds, fruit trees and both domestic and wild animals. “This is the land of 10,000 stories”, Garth says. “Every rock, every plant, everything I put in has a story that goes with it”. Garth’s generosity, vision and dedication to the further development of this sanctuary he has created, is only matched by the friendliness and generosity of the people who kindly are helping us facilitate our event, allowing us to create a one of a kind experience the afternoon and evening of the 27th. October 2018.

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