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Harvest Samhain Abundance Celebration and Feast

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Celebrate Autumn Magic with us.

Do you want to let go of outdated patterns and set Intentions in accordance with your True Self?

Are you tired of spiritual platitudes and Self- Help books? Are you seeking direct experience instead? This celebration of the Spiritual New Year might be just what you’ve bee searching for? Would you like to share an evening with beautiful like-minded souls, connecting with Nature in stunning surroundings?

We are delighted to announce that our evening of Magical Samhain Celebrations will take place on October 27 between 4pm and 9pm

The event will take place at Garth’s Boulder Gardens, on sacred desert land with majestic views of mountain ranges, vast, endless skies, and no light and sound pollution, 15 minutes drive from Joshua Tree National Park. Explore the Boulder Gardens here.

Considered one of the 'power spots' on the planet, where energy is easily accessible and palpable, this desert supports deep internal work while amplifying your ability to manifest your intent.  So whether you’re already comfortable with ceremony and are craving time in sacred space or you’re new to Ritual and Ceremony, what’s possible in the High Desert will astound and delight you.

The Majestic Mojave High Desert

The Majestic Mojave High Desert

This journey is for you if you seek…

  • …courage to let go of outdated patterns and co-dependent relationships, replacing them with better choices, practicing receiving and giving in equal measure

  • …clarity about your direction in life, so you can manifest wellness, abundance and amplified creative flow

  • …knowledge of ancient mythology that supports your journey into your unseen realms

  • …to experience magical ritual and ancient techniques supporting your growth and evolution. This includes a fire ritual and a ritual honoring Hekate, the goddess associated with the spiritual New Year.

  • …to reconnect to your center when you feel disconnected and navigate the rapids of change

  • …celebration of Samhain trough a Magical Feast with like-minded people in stunningly beautiful surroundings, connecting with the land and giving Thanks to Mother Nature

    …to make space for magic and devotion in your world

Join us in Celebration and Ritual

Join us in Celebration and Ritual

The Experience:

  • We are practicing the art of letting go of old patterns, co-dependent relationships and compulsive, outdated behaviour with grace and ease

  • We are opening up space for manifesting better choices for our Greater Selves, our Environment and our World in alignment with True Will

  • We are using meditation as a tool for learning to give and receive in equal measure 

  • We are sinking deep into the experience of a Sound Bath - a deeply relaxing journey that opens up a transcendental inner state, helpful to the work of change and growth

  • We are taking part in Ceremonial Magical Ritual, connecting with Deities,  Nature Spirits and each other

  •  We are exploring the Ancient Mythologies of the Underworld in the Greco-Roman, Norse, Pagan and Egyptian traditions

  • We are paying our respects to Mother Earth, culminating in a beautiful, Organic Vegan & Vegetarian Seasonal Harvest Feast. See menu here

Pumpkin filled with seasonal vegetables - you’ll find it on the table at our Samhain Feast

Pumpkin filled with seasonal vegetables - you’ll find it on the table at our Samhain Feast

By the end of this journey…

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of Samhain's long association with letting go and rejuvenation and how that inspires us to follow suit. This season is an integral aspect of Nature's cyclical rhythms.

 Samhain coincides with the end of the growing season. Vegetation dies back. As such, it is said that, during Samhain, the veil is thin between the worlds, facilitating contact and communication. For those who have experienced loss  of any kind in the past year, Samhain rituals are an opportunity to bring gentle closure which honors our experience as part of this human journey.

In our age of always switched-on electronic connectivity, and the incessant, unsustainable culture of productivity, Samhain is an invitation to connect with this important aspect of Nature’s rhythms, and begin our descent into our own process of allowing what no longer serves us to die, while honoring what these experiences have taught us, enabling us to look ahead.

Samhain represents the end of the cyclic year, being the last spoke of the Wheel of the Year - The Spiritual New Year’s Eve. This journey will motivate you, inspire profound change and congruent intention, help you in the process of letting go and create connection with nature, myth, seasonality and the Cosmic Wheel.

Read more about Samhain here

Samhain on the cosmic wheel

Samhain on the cosmic wheel

Spoiler: Next retreat: Spring Equinox, 2019 - Weekend of the 21st. March.

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"A message of gratitude for the wonderful Samhain celebration you hosted. Everything from the hypnotic sound bath to the abundant feast and all in between including the space and kindred souls, was exactly what was needed! A.... really enjoyed as well for his first circle and not knowing what to expect. So thank you once again for all you did to make it a special celebration and know all the little things were surely appreciated, I understand how much work was put into it." - Deanne D

"That was phenomenal. OMG thank you!" - Julia E

"One of the most amazing evening I have had in the high desert. Omg I am still feeling so grateful to have been able to experience this and yes it was fabulous. The food was amazing all foods from the desert with spices and special wines and it’s really something that everyone should at some point do it was pure magic and wonderful! Thank you!" — Michael B

"What a truly amazing evening you presented. I felt privileged to be a participant in a truly magical experience. Love my talisman too!" - Stephen S

I was invited to my first celebration and harvest abundance circle, with 14 other participants, an herbal maven and our Facilitator, a beautiful goddess from Norway who has kept and honoured the tradition of Samhain in the desert. It was a 5.5 hour ceremony of bonfire, prayers, invocations, releasing, divination, sacred libations, altar honouring, a beautiful and elevating sound bath in the middle of the Mojave desert and an abundant vegetarian feast. As we stood in a circle around our bonfire, one by one releasing the things that have held us back, that no longer serve us, that have kept us from our light/potential/ purpose/ gift - whatever you want to call it... We let it go in a blazing fire. Our facilitator came by one by one, looking into our eyes and souls and found specific information that was truly identifiable to only us. I felt seen. I don't know how she downloaded the information that she did and knew about me before saying a word to anyone, but I felt honoured to be in presence of such a beautiful and graceful spirit worker. Honouring the cycles and celebrating life in this ancient tradition is something I felt truly honored to participate and be invited to. Honouring the Goddess of the underworld and realizing it isn't something "scary" or "evil"- but merely a misinterpretation of her strength for centuries. The underworld represents our subconscious- the shadow side in all of us. Invoking her spirit and releasing what has kept us back in order to step forward in this new cycle and season of our lives not only shifts the celestial and physical energy but allows for new doors to open with grace and ease.” - Amanda

Thank you so much for tonight. It was sooo much of what I needed and the ceremony spoke deep to my heart. You + Rohini brought such a gift to us tonight!" - Amanda S

"Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a unique and wonderful experience" - Karla A



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