Ongoing Saturday Afternoon Event:

Join us for A Magical Wellness Experience In Joshua Tree Saturdays at 3.30-6. Engage your Senses, Recharge and Relax with us.

Are you looking for a carefully crafted Wellness Experience to nourish Mind, Body and Soul?

Are you seeking direct experience and participation sharing an afternoon with us in stunning surroundings? Then our Experience is for you.

The Experience:

We open with a fun and easy 25-30 min. Aromatherapy class. You'll be using organic essential oils to create YOUR beautifully scented bespoke relaxing massage oil to take home with you.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable 1h Sound Bath. Ryan is using Quartz Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong and other sonic healing tools, nourishing the nervous system. Results are introspection, awareness or simply relaxation of mind and body, helping you get ready for a deep Guided Manifestation Meditation where you unwind and direct energy to what matters to YOU.

Tonelise takes you on a mind's journey designed to improve aspects of life, such as manifesting wholeness/wellness or developing focus and clarity. When meditating, you tap in to a place of happiness, beauty and peace

Relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated, we tuck into yummy quality Vegan Snacks and Refreshments, enriched with locally sourced Ingredients from the desert.

Our experience leaves you Centered, Focused and Clear.

Optional Massage (single & couple) using self made oil, Tarot reading or NLP/EDMR Coaching session available. Separate rates apply. You can book an Exclusive Experience if Saturdays does not work for you, Or you can book for larger groups. We can even take the experience to your location. Contact us.

The experience will take place at our retreat property on 10 acres of sacred desert land with majestic views of mountain ranges, vast, endless skies, and no light and sound pollution, 15 minutes drive from Joshua Tree National Park.

Considered one of the 'power spots' on the planet, where energy is easily accessible and palpable, this desert supports deep internal work while amplifying your ability to manifest your intent.  What’s possible in the High Desert will astound and delight you.

Take advantage of the experience and indulge yourself.

Magical Retreats have partnered with @JoshuaTreeVacationHome for this ongoing event. Contact us for 20% discounted accommodation on the property if you are visiting the area. See below for more detail. Joining us qualifies you for a 20% discount of accommodation if you are visiting Joshua Tree (subject to availability). People on our Mailing list get 20% off the experience. Join mailing list HERE.

Majestic Mojave High Desert

Majestic Mojave High Desert


Tonelise: Change Worker, Retreat Facilitator, Consecrated Ceremonial Magician, Kundalini Yogini, Coach, Experienced Tarotist and Teacher since 30 years, in London, Oslo, LA and Joshua Tree.

Prior to moving to Joshua Tree, Tonelise practiced in London, and toured Europe teaching the Mysteries.

In Joshua Tree, she offers Magical Retreats, Private Tutoring, Coaching and Experiences. She is a Certified EMDR/NLP Master Practitioner, with a Philosophy degree

Ryan: Experienced Sound Bath facilitator through many years, offering immersive Sound Baths with Quartz Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong and other Sacred Instruments.

Certified and Insured Massage Therapist since 2013, and good guy all round.

Our Magical Saturday Afternoon experience offer a holistic and green approach to health and wellness


"That was phenomenal. OMG thank you!" - Julia E

"One of the most amazing evening I have had in the high desert. Omg I am still feeling so grateful to have been able to experience this and yes it was fabulous. The food was amazing all foods from the desert with spices and special wines and it’s really something that everyone should at some point do it was pure magic and wonderful! Thank you!" — Michael B

"What a truly amazing evening you presented. I felt privileged to be a participant in a truly magical experience. Love my talisman too!" - Stephen S

"Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a unique and wonderful experience" - Karla A

We provide Nourishment:

Tasty Vegan Snacks enriched with Herbs and Ingredients from the Desert. Gluten free options.

Coffee, Water and Refreshing Ice Tea enriched with herbs from the Desert.

We also Provide:

Organic Oils, Bottles and Ingredients for Mini Aromatherapy class provided. Oils chosen for their relaxing, anti-tension and uplifting properties. Body oils are an essential oil blend, in a base of organic sunflower oil. Use as massage oil or wear for its gorgeous scent. A perfect gift to yourself.

You Bring:

Yoga mat, blanket and maybe a cushion. If you do not have this, You can borrow ours. :-) Let us know.

For everyone 18 and over. Please do not bring animals


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