Delicious Vegan Snacks and refreshing Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

You can expect home-made Tasty and Filling Vegan Snacks. Gluten free options available. All ingredients are locally sourced where possible, and all dishes have an added ‘desert twist’, to connect with the land and the location. 

Snacks vary, and may include:

  • Scrumptious home made hummus and dips (Vegan)

  • Home made falafels with dipping sauce (Vegan)

  • Home made Bread rolls or pitta bread. (Vegan)

  • Fruits (Vegan)

  •  Fresh crudites (Vegan)

  • Colourful, delicious Salads (Vegan)

  • Ruby Red Cabbage and Carrot slaw with raw apple cider vinegar and pink Himalayan salt (Vegan)

  •  Refreshing Drinks (non-alcoholic)

  • Coffee with Vegan Creamer

Click here to view menu examples from previous events

Sounds yummy! Keep me updated about future events and retreats (and the food!), and make me eligible for gifts, special offers and discounts.